Privacy Policy For Websites - Do I Need One?

Why You Need Website Policies

The Best Solution Available For Your Website Policies

Website Policies that Automatically Update as the Laws Change

Protect your business from fines and lawsuits in less than 30 minutes by creating your Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and more

Or... Purchase Your Termageddon Policies From R4 Digital And We Will Install For You For £97 + Policy Cost

Automatically Updating Website Policies

£9.97 per month or only £97 per year (paid in advance)

Get 2 months free if paid in advance

All The Policies You Need For Compliance

A single license protects your website, online store, or web/mobile application with a simple to use generator for Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions documents, End User License Agreements, and Disclaimers.

Helps you comply with laws across the globe!

CalOPPA, CPRA, GDPR, Australia Privacy Act, UK DPA 2018, Nevada Revised Statutes Chapter 603A, DOPPA, PIPEDA

Complete the form below and we will get in touch to arrange installing your website policies onto your website (s)


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