Share the affiliate program and get paid!

Make between £60 & £100 monthly recurring commissions for every referral

The Deal!

With a 20% monthly recurring commission on all referrals, here's your chance to help small local businesses grow with state of the art digital marketing solutions whilst getting paid for the privilege.

Once your referral becomes a paying customer for one of our digital marketing packages, you will receive your affiliate income every 30 days.

(Note: Only active subscriptions are eligible for the affiliate commissions)

Who should you share the affiliate program with?

The affiliate program will work for all Small Local businesses

  • Cafe's/takeaways

  • Book Stores

  • Cleaning Services

  • Garden Services

  • Florists

  • Hair Salons

  • Med Spa's

  • Mechanics

  • Home Services

  • Gyms

  • Yoga/Wellness

  • & Many More

There are two packages from the R4 Digital offer that are eligible for affiliate commissions: Foundation @ £147 per month and Elevate@ £297 per month.

With your 20% commission for referrals you could be earning an extra £297 per month from just 5 referrals, how useful would those extra ££££ be?

The possibilities are endless!

(Note: Only active monthly subscriptions are eligible for affiliate commissions)

How much can you really make?

The affiliate program commission calculator

Foundation Plan

£147 per month

**Elevate Plan

£297 per month


20% Commission

20% Commission


20% Commission













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